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Starter pack Zebra


 Rosso Solini is a new fashion product designed to bring a flash of colour to the instep of your sole...

You can use Rosso Solini Designer Soles to brighten up an new or old shoes, it is simple and easy to fit

This is the starter pack and contains enough Rosso Solini to colour the instep of one pair of shoes
there is full fitting instructions included with the pack and you can order this pack in a range of eye catching colours and designs

Rosso Solini is designed as a DIY product and can be fitted in the comfort of your own home, 
the product we use is made by 3M so it is of the highest quality.

Rosso Solini 3M Designer Soles are UV protected and waterproof once fitted a hair dryer is required if you want to remove them and add another colour... 

I hope you enjoy adding my product to your shoes and remember its as simple as 

1 Wipe 
2 Stripe
3 Trim and enjoy

Many thanks for taking the time to look at my products