Interview With Heels and Sole Magazine

Posted on August 23, 2012 | Posted under heels and soles, red soles, rossosolini, tara
Tara was recently interviewed by the Heels and Sole Magazine and had her designer soles featured on their website.

Have you ever wanted to jazz up your beloved heels? Have you ever wanted to add a bit of spice to your outfit with a custom look? I’m guessing the answer is yes… am I right? of course. Rosso Solini’s Secret Soles offer just that. They call it a ‘shoe makeover’ and in actual sense, it is. You decide what to do with the easy apply coloured sticky strip which sticks to the arch of your heels. It is a simple as it sounds and you can have a more dynamic and fabulous look in a matter of minutes with no hassle. Secret Soles come in over 20 styles and colours, there is even a glitter pack alternative to the range and now with the new addition of the Wedding Sole Makeover kit coming soon!

You can check out their post here

You can view the full interview with Tara here