Christian Louboutin Knock Offs

Posted on August 07, 2012 | Posted under Christian Louboutin, DIY Loubs, red bottoms shoe craze, red soles


There is rarely a man or woman now days who is not familiar with the red bottoms shoe craze.  Jennifer Lopez even wrote a song about how much she loves her Louboutins. 

Over the years, Christian Louboutin has established himself as THE shoe designer of our time.  His signature red bottom shoes are worm by almost every celebrity in tinsel town; and every woman in the world dreams of, one day, owning a pair of her very own.

Recently, fake Louboutins have begun emerging across the globe.  In New York, women are racing to Byron Brito of Andrade Shoe Repair, in the Upper East Side for the Louboutin experience.  The cobbler charges $32.00 to paint the soles of shoes the signature shade of red, and his list of customers is rapidly growing.  Brito began offering this service to his customers after a customer asked him to repair an original pair of Louboutins.

In Ireland, Tara Haughton, a 16 year-old entrepreneur has created sole stickers through her company Rosso Solini.  Although the crimson red is a very popular shade, Rosso Solini offers the stickers in a variety of shades and designs, including leopard print and even glittered soles.   

While researching this topic, I came across a Chinese retailer, Milanoo, who sells "knock offs", for lack of a better word, of not only Christian Louboutins but shoes and dresses from countless other designers.  It is unrealistic to think that Christian Louboutin would legally pursue every individual/company who attempts to re-create his signature red sole shoes.  However, I'm surprised that more lawsuits are not coming forward.

Next time you see someone wearing a pair of red bottoms, ask yourself are they or aren't they?

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