Secret Soles - letting SWLS Shopistas get the Louboutin look for (much) less!

Posted on July 14, 2012 | Posted under Black and silver polka dots, Rosso Solini Animal print, Solini Classic Red 3 pack, Something Blue' 3 pack, Union Jack Secret Sole

Sleuth loves entrepreneurship in the fashion world, particularly from a 16 year old Irish schoolgirl looking to tip the top shoe designers on their heads (and off their heels!)

Irish schoolgirl Tara Haughton with her designer-look Secret Soles

Rosso Solini Secret Soles are the latest craze for your feet. Such a simple idea really, sticker strips you attach to the soles of your shoes to give them an instant 'designer look'. 

Christian Louboutins, Manolo Blahniks, Jimmy Choos and the rest of the high-fash-pack may not be in your weekly foot fashion budget, but with Secret Soles, you can get the high-end look for much less than the $1000+ asked for designer soles.

This latest craze certainly won't be for everyone, but for those Shopistas who wouldn't mind adding a bit of bang to their wardrobe for very small bucks, this is a very easy solution! 

Along with the Louboutin-looking red sole, Sleuth is a fan of the Chrome sole (presently out of stock), the various animal prints (a Sleuth fave) and the very cute blue soles - aimed at brides looking to walk down the aisle with a different sort of 'something blue'. 

Blue soles aren't unchartered territory, with Louboutin having released an exclusive bridal range, compete with inner blue sole for the last few seasons. Secret Soles do however provide a very big difference...price. Especially if a bride has forked out a fortune (and then some!) on everything 'wedding', and needs to save some bucks on her aisle-walkers.

It will be interesting to see how heel power-house Christian Louboutin reacts to this latest foray into getting the 'designer look' for less. Back in 2009, Louboutin requested Aussie shoe mecca Peep Toe to discontinue the use of their red sole, with Peep Toe having since switched to purple soles.

More recently, Louboutin and YSL were embroiled in a court battle over YSL's use of the ‘semelle rouge’ colour that Louboutin has made famous the world Sleuth can only imagine that time is ticking on Tara's cute idea.

But before any big nasty suits get their hands on this ingenious idea, stock up Shopistas, and add a splash of colour to your soles. HOW SOLE-FUL! :)

Happy Shopping!


The Solini Classic Red 3 pack - approx AUD $26.95 -                            

'Something Blue' 3 pack approx AUD $46.18 - 

Unleash your animal instincts with the Rosso Solini Animal print in purple approx AUD $26.90 - 

Black and silver polka dots - adorable! Approx AUD $26.90 -

Prowwww! Sleuth is loving the Union Jack Secret Sole, perfect to add some Brit power to your footwear. Approx AUD $26.90 - 
Each Sweet Soles pack comes with a knife cutter to ensure your new soles match your heel perfectly.

Unfortunately out of stock, the Chrome sole is one to keep an eye on!