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"Rosso Solini" stickers to customize the soles of your shoes

by trendlover on 04/06/2012
The shoes brand Christian Louboutin make you the eye, but you do not want to over € 400 in a pair of shoes? Tara Haughton, a young Irish girl aged 16 has found a cheap alternative: sticky soles red (the signature Louboutin shoes lies in the famous red sole) that is set on your pair of shoes. On the information page of the brand it has created, "  Solini Rosso  "(red sole in Italian), one can read"  Tara Haughton created it last fashion: Rosso Solini sole, which will bring all footwear brands!  ". Some fashionistas do not hesitate to paint their red soles being unable to afford Louboutin shoes, they can now opt for Solini Rosso.

Kit Rosso Solini

Only downside: the risk that this brilliant idea is considered akin to counterfeiting. In fact, Louboutin not mess with his trademark, he has attacked the French rapper particular Ol'Kainry or the Yves Saint Laurent "copy". Louboutin also fight also against many websites selling counterfeit creations ... made by the girl that seems to have started a lucrative business idea, it exports its sticky soles in 22 countries.

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Rossosolini's glitter soles are taking the fashion world by storm. Arianna Chieli of Fashionblabla wrote a great post on her latest obsession   - the Rossosolini Glitter Soles.

We all know by heart the story that tells of how Christian Louboutin took the gloss to his assistant and began to paint the soles of his shoes red. And that is the sole mania proves it also the new Mary Jane Glitter by Miu Miu, as well as having the heel completely covered with glitter, also the sole is "sparkling"

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Check out this post where Rachelle of PinkSole wrote about her new favourite accessory - The Rossosolini designer soles.

How amazing is this, my sister and I talked about how cool it would be to have colored soles, unfortunately I cannot really afford red bottoms, so now thanks to Tara and her amazing talent, I can jazz up my shoes just the way I want. Of course I tried the pink ones first, but I also have them in red and polka dots

Be sure to check out her blog, she's written lots of great fashion tips and more.

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Tara was recently interviewed by the Heels and Sole Magazine and had her designer soles featured on their website.

Have you ever wanted to jazz up your beloved heels? Have you ever wanted to add a bit of spice to your outfit with a custom look? I’m guessing the answer is yes… am I right? of course. Rosso Solini’s Secret Soles offer just that. They call it a ‘shoe makeover’ and in actual sense, it is. You decide what to do with the easy apply coloured sticky strip which sticks to the arch of your heels. It is a simple as it sounds and you can have a more dynamic and fabulous look in a matter of minutes with no hassle. Secret Soles come in over 20 styles and colours, there is even a glitter pack alternative to the range and now with the new addition of the Wedding Sole Makeover kit coming soon!

You can check out their post here

You can view the full interview with Tara here

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There is rarely a man or woman now days who is not familiar with the red bottoms shoe craze.  Jennifer Lopez even wrote a song about how much she loves her Louboutins. 

Over the years, Christian Louboutin has established himself as THE shoe designer of our time.  His signature red bottom shoes are worm by almost every celebrity in tinsel town; and every woman in the world dreams of, one day, owning a pair of her very own.

Recently, fake Louboutins have begun emerging across the globe.  In New York, women are racing to Byron Brito of Andrade Shoe Repair, in the Upper East Side for the Louboutin experience.  The cobbler charges $32.00 to paint the soles of shoes the signature shade of red, and his list of customers is rapidly growing.  Brito began offering this service to his customers after a customer asked him to repair an original pair of Louboutins.

In Ireland, Tara Haughton, a 16 year-old entrepreneur has created sole stickers through her company Rosso Solini.  Although the crimson red is a very popular shade, Rosso Solini offers the stickers in a variety of shades and designs, including leopard print and even glittered soles.   

While researching this topic, I came across a Chinese retailer, Milanoo, who sells "knock offs", for lack of a better word, of not only Christian Louboutins but shoes and dresses from countless other designers.  It is unrealistic to think that Christian Louboutin would legally pursue every individual/company who attempts to re-create his signature red sole shoes.  However, I'm surprised that more lawsuits are not coming forward.

Next time you see someone wearing a pair of red bottoms, ask yourself are they or aren't they?

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I’m fascinated by the current court battle known to fashion insiders simply as, “Christian Louboutin vs Yves Saint Laurent.” Want to know what they’re dickering over?  A color.

It seems that the folks at Louboutin—known for their distinctive, expensive, red-soled shoes—are hopping mad that YSL started churning out pairs with scarlet undersides as well. Hoping to trademark the look, they took the matter to court last year, where it was ultimately decided that you couldn’t trademark a color on a shoe. (Think about the ramifications… what would happen to red-rubber rain boots?)

So back to the lawyers they went and the now the world anxiously awaits a decision from the Second Circuit.

Here’s where it gets dicey: UPS managed to trademark the color brown. Which means, unless I’m completely mistaken, that Hershey’s could be accused of copyright infringement. (Thank God for white chocolate.)

Tiffany trademarked robin’s egg-blue packaging…though not the color itself.

After all, who would you sue? The bird?

Your instinct might be to say, Who cares about red-soled shoes? Apparently, lots of people.  According to a report in London, sales of tester-pots of bright-red paint have surged by 40 percent this year, as scores of women have been turning their soles crimson in homespun fashion. I’m not kidding you.

Meanwhile, an ingenious little girl from Ireland—16-year-old Tara Haughton—saw an opportunity to capitalize on the craze and launched a website, selling “designer-sole makeover kits.” Want to know what that means? Red shoe stickers (about $7 a pair) that you peel for your heels. (To be fair, she sells 23 different colors…including robin’s-egg blue. I’m not sure Tiffany knows.)

I’d laugh, but it’s just too brilliant for words.

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 Rosso Solini is an Irish company that sells coloured stickers for the soles of high heels. These ingenious little products are a cheap and easy way to emulate the famous Louboutin red sole. Starting at as little as €5.99 for a pair of red stickers this drastically reduces the cost of the Louboutin look. 

Another way you can emulate this look is simply by painting the soles of your shoes with red nail polish as illustrated in this tutorial here:


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There's something really spectacular about a Christian Louboutin shoe, just ask any women who's dropped $600 or more on a pair. But for those of us who aren't able to splurge on high-end fashion items, there's another option: paint the soles of your old, affordable shoes red.

Homebase, a home improvement store in the U.K., has reported a 40 percent increase in red paint sales, with women asking salespeople how to paint on leather and rubber. As it turns out, DIY Loubs are a lot cheaper than the real deal.

"Many people tend to look at magazines to get the right paint color for walls and furniture, but we've noticed significant numbers of girls color-matching tester pots to pictures of designer shoes in fashion magazines," Peter Rooney, manager at the Homebase store in Acton, London told the Telegraph.

It's incredible how red soles have come to symbolize high status over the last 10 years. Women everywhere will seemingly do anything for a great red sole! Christian Louboutin began his signature soles in the early '90s, after he painted an assistant's red nail polish on a shoe that needed some oomph. He has since trademarked the red sole, and is always battling it out with copycats in court--namely YSL and Zara, who've both made shoes with red soles.

Don't want to get paint on your pumps? There are other ways to get red soles. Teen-aged entrepreneur Rosso Solini created a company, which started as a school project, that sells stickers for your soles. For €17.50 (roughly $21) you can buy a pack of three solid-colored stickers to put on the sole of your shoe.

As much as we love Christian's shoes, we can't decide if this idea is tacky or genius. What do you think? Would you create your own Louboutins?


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Sleuth loves entrepreneurship in the fashion world, particularly from a 16 year old Irish schoolgirl looking to tip the top shoe designers on their heads (and off their heels!)

Irish schoolgirl Tara Haughton with her designer-look Secret Soles

Rosso Solini Secret Soles are the latest craze for your feet. Such a simple idea really, sticker strips you attach to the soles of your shoes to give them an instant 'designer look'. 

Christian Louboutins, Manolo Blahniks, Jimmy Choos and the rest of the high-fash-pack may not be in your weekly foot fashion budget, but with Secret Soles, you can get the high-end look for much less than the $1000+ asked for designer soles.

This latest craze certainly won't be for everyone, but for those Shopistas who wouldn't mind adding a bit of bang to their wardrobe for very small bucks, this is a very easy solution! 

Along with the Louboutin-looking red sole, Sleuth is a fan of the Chrome sole (presently out of stock), the various animal prints (a Sleuth fave) and the very cute blue soles - aimed at brides looking to walk down the aisle with a different sort of 'something blue'. 

Blue soles aren't unchartered territory, with Louboutin having released an exclusive bridal range, compete with inner blue sole for the last few seasons. Secret Soles do however provide a very big difference...price. Especially if a bride has forked out a fortune (and then some!) on everything 'wedding', and needs to save some bucks on her aisle-walkers.

It will be interesting to see how heel power-house Christian Louboutin reacts to this latest foray into getting the 'designer look' for less. Back in 2009, Louboutin requested Aussie shoe mecca Peep Toe to discontinue the use of their red sole, with Peep Toe having since switched to purple soles.

More recently, Louboutin and YSL were embroiled in a court battle over YSL's use of the ‘semelle rouge’ colour that Louboutin has made famous the world Sleuth can only imagine that time is ticking on Tara's cute idea.

But before any big nasty suits get their hands on this ingenious idea, stock up Shopistas, and add a splash of colour to your soles. HOW SOLE-FUL! :)

Happy Shopping!


The Solini Classic Red 3 pack - approx AUD $26.95 -                            

'Something Blue' 3 pack approx AUD $46.18 - 

Unleash your animal instincts with the Rosso Solini Animal print in purple approx AUD $26.90 - 

Black and silver polka dots - adorable! Approx AUD $26.90 -

Prowwww! Sleuth is loving the Union Jack Secret Sole, perfect to add some Brit power to your footwear. Approx AUD $26.90 - 
Each Sweet Soles pack comes with a knife cutter to ensure your new soles match your heel perfectly.

Unfortunately out of stock, the Chrome sole is one to keep an eye on! 


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Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin shoes are known for two things: bearing those iconic red soles and being incredibly expensive.

So it should surprise no one that women desirous of their own Loubs yet lacking the cash are taking matters into their own hands -- literally. As the Telegraph reports, sales of glossy red paint have risen dramatically in just one year, with U.K. chain Homebase claiming it's because women are painting their own shoe soles red.

Women are coming in to buy red paint and even asking how best to apply it. One Homebase store manager confirmed to the Telegraph, "They have also asked staff for tips on how to paint on leather or rubber."

Should they find paint too messy, Louboutin-loving women might try stickers. Rosso Solini, founded by teen entrepreneur Tara Haughton, sells waterproof red stickers that stick to the bottom of your non-designer heels. Sure, they also make neon and polka-dot stickers. But it's pretty clear that the adhesives mean to fulfill your Louboutin dreams for the low price of $15.

We imagine Christian Louboutin himself is equally displeased with both options. The company holds its iconic soles so dear that Louboutin had them trademarked, then proceeded to fight legal battles over the validity of said trademark when "imitators" like Yves Saunt Laurent tried putting red bottoms on non-Louboutin shoes.

Fingers crossed Christian Louboutin doesn't go after a group of thrifty British women the way they went after YSL.

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